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The MEGATRIX, aka MEGAMATRIX, is an enhanced version of The Ultimatrix which is available to Ben in the series Ben 10: Ultimate Alien MEGATRIX. The MEGATRIX is unlocked when Kevin's new Plumber's Badge is placed onto the Ultimatrix's faceplate. The Ultimatrix then grows slightly and the faceplate becomes square, which is now the MEGATRIX. The MEGATRIX then flashes a bright green colour and shouts it's own name.


The MEGATRIX's abilities are enhancements as shown in The MEGATRIX's First Come and Motionless. The enhancements made to Ultimate Echo Echo were enhanced speed, strength and his sonic discs were more powerful. When Alien X was enhanced with the MEGATRIX he was able to use Alien X's abilities A little longer before Serena and Bellicus began arguing though the sub-Ultimatrix was the regular, not the MEGATRIX. It was revealed by Azmuth that he is working on a feature where the MEGATRIX will tap into Alien X's omnipotent powers to give Ben the function of creating a brand new species and planet.


When Ben scrolls through the MEGATRIX he can evolve the holograms so that he can transform into the Ultimate version instantly. E.g. When Ben first activated the MEGATRIX in The MEGATRIX's First Come he evolved Wildmutt's hologram and Echo Echo's hologram. The transformation sequence is slow unlike the Ultimatrix's instant transformations. It is visible as Ben transforms such as when he transformed to Ultimate Echo Echo his skin became blue first then his head widened, shoulders broadened and became discs, grew in height and then completely transformed. Another example is when he transformed into Alien X, Ben grew, became more muscular became a darkened black color, his hair grew into three large horns on his head then stars appeared over his body.

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